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In the realm of imagination and play, Toca Life World stands out as a unique gem. This app is not merely a game; it's a sprawling canvas for creativity aimed at younger audiences who revel in storytelling and world-building. With its expansive set of locations and characters, Toca Life World offers a digital sandbox that echoes the limitless play possibilities of the real world.

The heart of Toca Life World lies in its storytelling potential. With an introductory set of 8 locations and 39 characters, you get a taste of the diverse world created by the Toca Boca team. The vivid and interactive cityscape of Bop City introduces players to various venues, from bustling food courts to stylish apartments, each location is a stage waiting for a story.

When it comes to expansion, Toca Life World stands unparalleled. For those eager to scale their narrative adventures, the game provides more than 50 additional locations, over 300 new characters, and 125 pets in the in-game shop. These expansions offer fresh scenarios and dynamic interactions to enrich the tapestry of your personal world.

A distinct feature of Toca Life World is its ability to integrate with other Toca Life games. Already own Toca Life: City, Vacation, or Office? You'll seamlessly merge these worlds into Toca Life World, ensuring your stories can traverse even more diverse landscapes and themes.

Toca Life World also surprises its user base with weekly gifts. These delightful additions require no extra purchase, ensuring that your world continues to evolve with new items to discover and incorporate into your storylines each week.


  • Immense world packed with diverse locations and characters;
  • Encourages storytelling and creativity;
  • Supports the integration of other Toca Life apps for expanded play;
  • New content added regularly without mandatory purchases;
  • Visually appealing with expressive characters and environments.


  • Additional locations and characters come at an extra cost, which can quickly add up;
  • While the basic content is sufficient for creative play, the most enticing items are behind a paywall.

Visually, Toca Life World is a candy-colored spectacle that captivates its audience. The character designs are charming and distinctive, while the environments is detailed, ripe for exploration. The game's aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between cartoonish fun and ample detail, making each interaction a joy to behold.

Toca Life World it's a digital playground for the imagination. With a plethora of engaging features, it's evident that the creators understand the importance of play in a child's development. However, like any playground, there are areas to improve.

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