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Hello Neighbor is a horror quest game for PC and mobile devices. It was developed by Dynamic Pixels and officially released in 2017, which was preceded by several alpha-version public releases.

Gameplay: Quest and Fun

The gameplay is pretty typical for the quest genre: you have to explore the location in search of keys or objects, which will help you to proceed. Some doors are closed, some are not openable at all, and you will have to find other ways to reach certain rooms. There are dozens of objects you might pick up and several useful tools to interact with different stuff. You can, for example, throw a box to break the window to bypass the locked door and get inside the house. All these would be not so tense and addicting if there was no enemy. The Neighbor chases you as you explore his house: he tracks your most traveled routes, follows you, and sets traps on your way.

Graphics: Fresh but Not Detailed

The visuals are a bit controversial for Hello Neighbor. From one side, the game has its unique style of house interiors and character models, they are truly fresh, and it is hard to compare them with something else. But on the other hand, the environment and all the surroundings are not detailed at all. This is not necessary for a quest game of a cartoony style, but it makes Hello Neighbor look like another game on Unity made by a new game designer with no experience. It runs properly on mobile, which is great, but the game could be much more attractive visually, and there are examples of games that look much prettier on mobile.

Controls: Not Unique Mechanics

The mechanics, as well as the controls, are pretty typical for the genre: you can open doors, pick up keys to your inventory, hold objects, drop and use them. You can also move your character and rotate the camera. There is nothing new in terms of controls, but they have been properly adapted to mobile devices, and it is comfortable to play Hello Neighbor on a screen of any size. The interface is not overloaded on mobile, but still has every control option available on the overlay all the time.

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