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Brain Wash is a puzzle game for mobile devices developed by SayGames and available on Android and iOS. It offers a new experience with unusual puzzles, which require creative thinking out of the box.

Gameplay: Fresh Puzzles

The idea of Brain Wash is to make you think of puzzles in a new way. Most of the tasks are unusual and require you to be creative. There are several types of unusual levels with different puzzles that have nothing to do with classic riddles you can find in other games. The game is free to play, but there are several big drawbacks to it. First of all, there are lots of ads inside. The second drawback is more discouraging: the developers promise “a great variety of levels from 1 to 100”, but in reality, there are only several different types of puzzles available, and they start repeating each other pretty soon. Most players won’t find it addicting enough to solve so many riddles of similar kinds.

Graphics: Stylish and Unusual

The game would scream that it is unusual if it could. The graphics vary from one level to another and even utilize different visual style, which is an interesting concept. Most of the visual elements are attractive and stylish, the developers do not mind using various colors both for backgrounds and objects on the screen, and most of the time, the image is attractive and pleasing to the eye. The sound effects are not so great, and you will probably enjoy the puzzles more if you would be solving them in silence. The visuals are one of the best advantages of Brain Wash as they do half of the entertaining job with this game.

Controls: Jigsaw Tool

The controls are performed through the local jigsaw tool, which adapts to different level types. The controls are pretty intuitive, and you will get the idea of each new level rather quickly. There are several interesting and not obvious controls available as well, and solving puzzles does actually feel fresh. The difficulty of the puzzles themselves is another topic, as they are not difficult enough to properly wash the brains of adults, but may occasionally entertain children.

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