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Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games and was originally released in July 2017. It is available on Android, iOS, and desktop and has a cross-platform play feature.

Gameplay: Only One Winner

Fortnite does not follow all the rules of the battle royale genre. It has contributed to the formation of the genre’s standards, which imply that dozens of players are deployed on the location and have to search for loot and kill other players until only one of them remains alive. Fortnite was also one of the first battle royale games to use the classic zone system, which reduces the size of playable locations to make players encounter each other all the time. But Epic Games have something unique to offer as well, for example, the building mechanics, which allow you to gather resources and use them in building towers, fortifications, or even ladders.

Graphics: Cartoony Battle Royale

Graphics is another thing that makes Fortnite unique. While most battle royale games pursue realistic graphics and gameplay, Fortnite does the opposite: the cartoony graphics clearly indicate that the game does not get all serious and realistic. The graphics are cartoony and very stylish, and such choice allows the developers to add imaginary guns and skins to their game, which would be impossible with realistic visuals. The developers usually collaborate with Marvel, DC, YouTube bloggers, or other pop culture representatives to add their skins to the game. There are Star Wars characters, superheroes of all kinds, John Wick, and many more characters available as in-game skins.

Controls: Fine Shooter

In terms of controls, Fortnite is a pretty standard third-person view shooter. The only difference from the majority of such games is the building, which adds some new buttons to the user interface. We cannot say the building is as convenient on mobile as it is on PC, but it is still possible to create a fort for yourself if needed. It just takes a bit more time to learn. Cross-play is optional, so you should not be afraid to encounter a profound PC gamer while playing on mobile.

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