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Zello Walkie Talkie is an app that helps you turn your mobile device into a radio set. It was released in 2013 and is now available on Android and iOS.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Harder Than a Traditional Walkie-Talkie

The app offers much more features than a simple walkie-talkie device, therefore it is a bit more complicated in terms of usability. However, the developers have managed to properly fit the massive amount of features in an efficient way that allows you to navigate through menus and channels quickly. Once you figure out how the app works, it will become an effective tool in business, personal, and other communication. There are several main sections, where you can choose a channel to join: there are recent channels, contacts, and channels, where you can select any of the public groups to join.

Features: A Lot More

The features are pretty impressive with Zello, as the app is powerful enough to support huge channels with thousands of users. You can translate your voice in real-time with high quality with pressing the talk button. You can also use Bluetooth headsets to increase the efficiency of communication. The channel creators are allowed to make other participants moderators keep their channels clean and secure. There is also an option to create password-protected channels to prevent unwanted logins. On top of that, you can enjoy the live status of your contacts and the message history. You can also share text messages, links, geolocations, and even the alarm signals. The app allows to easily create and configure channels, and the high user capacities have made it one of the best tools for coordinating people in cases of natural disasters. It does not work without an Internet connection, unfortunately, but it is free to use, easily accessible, and provides good quality without consuming a lot of data.

Security: Secure Enough

The app does not offer end-to-end encryption for public channels, as basically anyone can access such channels. However, when it comes to private channels, the security is pretty great: the messages are encrypted, and the unwanted logins are prevented by creating a strong password. The developers also ask every user to report any violating activities, so the scammers, hackers, and other criminals constantly get banned from the app.

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