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Homescapes is a free casual mobile game developed by Playrix. It was released in 2017 and is now available on Android and iOS devices. It has more than 100 million downloads in Google Play, with an average rating of 4.3.

Gameplay: Match Three

Despite the game being about decorating homes and filling them with furniture, most of the gameplay is a simple match three. The plot implies that you are helping a butler to recreate the family mansion, and you get to select from different design solutions in the process. The resulting house design will depend on your choices, and the game allows you to realize tons of different interiors. There are different characters, the huge mansion to discover, and even a friendly cat. The core of the gameplay is still a match-three, so to unlock new stuff, you will have to complete hundreds of levels available. The gameplay is pretty addicting and rewarding, and the levels are diverse enough to make it interesting for long term play. There are also regular events with unique rewards and many rooms to unlock and decorate, so the game would not get boring if you enjoy it at first.

Graphics: Stylish Homes

The visual style of Homescapes is pretty unique and attractive. The interiors and furniture elements are surprisingly detailed: there are hundreds of items available, each looking differently and easily recognizable. The gameplay levels are also great visually as they have attractive effects and animations. The game would be worth nothing if it would not be beautiful enough, and it does its job well: it allows you to decorate impressively attractive and pleasing rooms with the furniture and accessories available. The game also appeals to kids as it uses bright colors and is friendly, appropriate, and non-offensive at all.

Controls: Simple Gameplay

The core of the gameplay is a match-three, as we have already mentioned. It is simple and very common: you just have to swipe stuff to match three in a row. But the decorating part is pretty profound and offers lots of opportunities. The controls are still pretty intuitive, but require some accuracy to correctly place furniture and décor elements on small mobile screens.

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