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Hello, I'm David Gray, the founder and lead content creator of Reviewsgodzilla, a website dedicated to bringing you the latest news, reviews, and insider scoops about apps and games. My passion for apps and gaming stems from my own experiences as a gamer and app user.

Our team at Reviewsgodzilla consists of like-minded enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds, united by our love for apps and gaming. We came together through online forums and local meetups, and the idea for the website was born out of our desire to create a platform where users could get information, updates, and recommendations.

Shari Lynn Kramer: Game Reviewer Extraordinaire

As a game reviewer, Shari Lynn Krame brings a unique and detailed perspective to the Reviewsgodzilla team. With his background in game design and development, his in-depth understanding of the mechanics, visuals, and narrative enables him to provide comprehensive reviews on both popular and indie games. 

Shari's passion for gaming has allowed him to become an invaluable member of Reviewsgodzilla quickly. He is known for his sharp wit and his ability to break down complex concepts to make them digestible for audiences. His expectations for his work are clear: be informative, accurate, and entertaining.

Lindsay Robertson: Application Review Specialist

An experienced software developer and tech-savvy enthusiast, Lindsay Robertson delves deep into the world of application reviews. She analyzes every application, from productivity to entertainment, to provide insightful evaluations of their performance and usability. Lindsay is committed to helping users find the best applications to suit their needs and enhance their digital experience.

Zachary Kandell: News & Articles Contributor

As a passionate journalist and gamer, Zachary Kandell brings in the latest news and articles related to games and applications to the Reviewsgodzilla website. He’s devoted to keeping the audience updated on top game releases, engaging them with feature articles on gaming or app industry trends, and even providing helpful tips and tricks.

My role at Reviewsgodzilla involves curating quality content, managing the team, and ensuring that our passion for the subject reflects in everything we do. With years of experience in this industry, I strive to make Reviewsgodzilla a go-to destination for app and gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Reviewsgodzilla owes its credibility and user love to the passionate and diverse staff, as they believe in bringing well-researched, reliable, and enjoyable content to their platform. With shared dedication and hard work, they continue to grow and evolve, always striving to enhance the gaming and app experience for their fans

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