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A developer who dreams in code (and cartoons!), a fantastic photographer, and a father of two beautiful baby boys (that’s where cartoon enthusiasm comes from!). Enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, reading a good book, and watching Netflix. Oh, and did we mention that David is a mobile gaming fan? Yep, that’s right.


A designer with a fun-loving personality who’s into browsing pretty floral tattoos online, but she won’t have one for ‘that’s way too big a commitment.’ And yep, she’s a Breaking Bad fan, too! Nat loves her job, her friends, pizza, and wine. She also finds playing Minecraft on her mobile so relaxing. We can't help but agree!


A developer with a cool quokka selfie (awwww) and a collection of vintage computers. Does it make any reasonable sense? To Ryan, it most certainly does! He loves traveling the world, enjoys spending time in nature, as well as playing his favorite mobile RPGs at the end of the working day. Final Fantasy 6 is his favorite.

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Hey there. Who’s the author of those fun descriptions about you?

That would be us! We know each other very well, so those descriptions came pretty naturally.

So, jokes and teasing apart, what’s your website’s mission? is about all-things-Android gaming. Here, you will find hot releases, expert game reviews, tips, guides, hacks, walkthroughs, as well as cool updates and news.

Can I find the gaming app I need here?

Sure. Our gaming collection is huge. It features a treasure trove of popular genres and titles. Just take a look around and see for yourself.

Can I promote my game via your site?

Yep. Just contact us and tell us more about your game. Our experts will be happy to write an honest review about it.


‘Just because’ we love mobile gaming a bit more than you do ;)

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