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Reface is an app that allows you to swap a face from any video with a face from the selected photo. The app was developed by NEOCORTEXT and released in 2019 on Android and iOS.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Great Design

The REFACE app is simple to use, as it just requires you to select a photo and a video and to enjoy the result. It is very intuitive, and the navigation is extremely quick, as there are not so many features available. The app looks stylish as well: the menus mostly utilize dark backgrounds, helping to reach the proper mood for entertainment. There are four main sections of the app, which are necessary for quick navigation between searching and profile management. The homepage offers fresh and trending videos to choose from, which is also great as you see new content immediately after login.

Features: Swap Faces

The only feature the app offers is to swap faces in videos. You have to select a video for swapping, then take a picture or select a prepared photograph and enjoy the face appearing on the selected footage. The great thing about this app is the simplicity it offers: it takes just one photo to receive a great quality face swap video. Unfortunately, such power does not come for free: despite the app being free to download, using it to swap faces is paid by subscription. Monthly subscription costs $3.99, so it is up to you whether it is worth it or not. There is a trial period of three days available for free, so you can at least try the app before making a purchase. As for the benefits, the new videos for swapping appear rather frequently and are diverse enough to please almost any taste.

Security: Manage the Subscription

The app has never been part of major security controversies. You provide the app with your credit card data, and it is stored securely. You also provide the photos for videos, and there are no reasons for someone to hack it. The only issue is the subscription, especially when it comes to the free trial. In case you forget to cancel the trial, the app will automatically charge you for the yearly subscription, which is worth $24.99, so we strongly recommend managing the subscription carefully and asking for a refund in case an unwanted charge has proceeded.

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