Revolutionizing B2B Marketing: LinkedIn's Move into Connected TV and Live Event Ads

Zachary Kandell / 07 Apr 2024

Revolutionizing B2B Marketing: LinkedIn's Move into Connected TV and Live Event Ads image

In an exciting turn of events, LinkedIn has ventured into the realm of connected TV (CTV) advertising and introduced a novel method for promoting live events. This strategic development is aimed at enabling marketers to leverage the burgeoning trend of video consumption, both within and outside the LinkedIn platform. By forging partnerships with several video service providers, LinkedIn is now set to facilitate the broadcasting of video campaigns directly to viewers' home TV sets, marking a significant expansion of advertising capabilities beyond the conventional confines of the application.

The inauguration of LinkedIn's CTV ads presents marketers with the remarkable opportunity to "reach professionals on connected TVs and streaming devices," thereby broadening the outreach of video promotions to an unprecedented extent. This is achieved through a seamless integration within the Campaign Manager, enabling the launch of impactful LinkedIn CTV campaigns across a network of esteemed publishers, including Paramount, Roku, and Samsung Ads. The aim here is to replicate TV-like audience reach for LinkedIn promotions, albeit within the parameters set by campaign type and provider constraints.

Additionally, LinkedIn's collaboration with NBCUniversal through LinkedIn Premiere paves the way for brands to target decision-makers in the United States across NBCUniversal’s premium streaming content on CTV. This not only augments LinkedIn’s network of video publishing partners but also allows for the targeting of high-viewership NBCUniversal shows via streaming services. Although this approach does not encompass the broad spectrum of a conventional TV campaign, it significantly enhances the ability to reach target audiences with LinkedIn video ads.

In alignment with these advancements, LinkedIn has also rolled out Live Event Ads, providing marketers with an innovative means to promote upcoming LinkedIn events directly within the stream. This initiative is set to address the platform's historical challenge of adequately showcasing live sessions, offering a novel avenue to amplify awareness and engagement for scheduled broadcasts. Considering the 34% growth in professionals viewing events within the app over the last year, this feature represents a pivotal development for ensuring broader visibility and accessibility of live events.

In conclusion, LinkedIn's strategic foray into connected TV advertising and the introduction of Live Event Ads signify a monumental shift in the landscape of B2B marketing. These initiatives not only underscore LinkedIn's commitment to harnessing the power of video content but also offer marketers fresh, innovative channels through which to engage and captivate professional audiences. As video consumption continues to ascend in prominence, LinkedIn's latest offerings are poised to revolutionize the way brands connect with their target demographic, elevating the standards of B2B marketing in the digital era.

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