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The game Secret Neighbor is a horror-puzzle game that is played in a 1v1 format. The goal of the game is to spy on your neighbor and learn their secrets in order to win the game. Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer is a game where you are a secret spy trying to find out who is the bad guy. The game is played by one player on the computer and two players on separate computers. The game is played by one player on the computer, who plays as the “Secret Spy”, and two players on separate computers, who play as the “Neighbors”, who are trying to find out who the “Secret Spy” is. Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer is a fast-paced, multiplayer horror game. In order to play the game, one player must be set up to be the neighbor. This player will be in charge of hiding and chasing the other players. The other players will be looking for the neighbor.


The multiplayer aspect of the game is what is most intriguing. One player will be the neighbor, and will have the ability to hide. This player is in charge of chasing the other players, and will always be the one who is the last person to see a player. The other players will be trying to find the neighbor.

The gameplay consists of the player (player A) sneaking around to spy on their neighbor (player B) while avoiding being seen by them. Player A can only use their flashlight to see, which drains the battery and can only be charged by plugging it into a wall socket or by being near a light source. Player B, on the other hand, has night vision goggles and can see more than player A. Player A can also plant cameras to spy on player B.


The graphics in the game are minimalistic and undetailed. The game is played in first person and there are no animations. The graphics in the game are not spectacular, but they are decent. The graphics are a little pixelated and the colors are not vibrant. The graphics are not bad, but they are not the best graphics that are out there.

Information about replayability

The game can be played through multiple times, as there are multiple endings. The game is fairly replayable because it can be played with different people each time.


  • The game is easy to understand, as the gameplay is simple
  • The game is challenging to play, as it is difficult to sneak around without being seen
  • The game is replayable, as there are multiple endings
  • The game is interactive, as you can play with another person
  • The game is realistic, as it is set in an apartment complex
  • The game is immersive, as it makes the player feel like they are the character
  • The game is free, as the game is free to download and play


  • The game is repetitive, as it is the same gameplay over and over
  • The game is hard to control, as the player's only movements are looking and walking
  • The game is not open world, as it is possible to see the whole map from the start.
  • The game is not creative, as it is a horror game that is mostly following a predetermined path


I enjoyed the game and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a horror game that is free. I would give the game a score of 7.5/10.


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