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Subway surfers is a mobile runner game for Android and iOS devices. It was developed by the Kiloo studio and released in 2012. It is available for free but offers in-game purchases.

Gameplay: One of the First Runners

Subway Surfers is a typical runner game right now, but when it was released, it was one of the first games of this genre. In the game, you control a character who is running through a subway. There are three lines, and you are able to switch between them, jump and slide to avoid different kinds of obstacles. The game is extremely easy to learn, and the gameplay is very addicting as the game has no limits: you run until you stumble into a train or a barrier. The game gets harder as you progress, but when you score enough to reach the highest speed and difficulty, it is still not very hard. It is great that the game does not get impossible to play, and you lose only because of your mistakes, not because of unfair difficulty.

Graphics: One of the Most Attractive

Subway Surfers is a very unique and stylish game in terms of graphics. It was one of the first games to get very popular on mobile devices, as it had one of the most attractive visuals available. It has since received several updates of graphics, so the subway is still an attractive place to visit. There are lots of different skins for your characters and hoverboards. Collecting these skins is another great point about Subway Surfers, as the game gets frequent updates, which not only include limited skins but also completely change the decorations of the game. Each update relocates the game to another city like Sydney, New York, Moscow, and many more.

Controls: Incredibly Smooth

The controls are another great thing about Subway Surfers: the game is very easy to learn, and the character reacts to your swipes extremely smoothly. As we have already mentioned, you can switch the lines, jump, or slide to avoid obstacles. All the actions are performed with swipes, and there is an option to jump on a hoverboard by making a double-tap.


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