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Roblox is a sandbox game platform, where users can create game modes and servers and enjoy the community-created content. It was initially launched in 2006 on PC and since has been ported to most platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

Gameplay: Almost All You Can Imagine

The gameplay in Roblox has almost no limits, as there are tons of community-created content and the developer tool is pretty flexible. People manage to create dozens of different game modes available on hundreds of servers. There are tower defense modes, RPG modes, Role Play servers, and many more. You can enjoy all the servers created by other people or try to create something of your own. There are so many modes and servers that anyone will find something for their own taste. The only drawback is that most servers are managed by players and have premium subscriptions or in-game purchases offered. A mobile-exclusive drawback is that not all the servers and game modes are supported, despite there being cross-platform play options available. There is still a lot to enjoy on mobile, but be ready not to have access to everything.

Graphics: Blocky Realms

The graphics of Roblox might remind you of Minecraft: the terrain and the characters are also made of blocks, and the styles are pretty similar in general. The only thing is that Minecraft does not utilize community-created content in such volumes, so the game looks a bit worse: there are fewer details, and the resolutions are lower. You might think that it would positively affect the compatibility and performance, but this is only partially true. As most servers are created by regular players, who are free to fill them with whatever they want, the performance directly depends on the amounts of stuff used in these realms. On mobile, many servers would be buggy, and the framerates might be lower than you would want them to be.

Controls: Easy to Play If Supported

The controls also vary from server to server as different game modes require you to perform different actions. Most of the time, you can easily control your character, rotate the camera, and use the chat. However, some of the complicated game modes are not supported for mobile as they require using more buttons, which is impossible with the existing mobile interface.

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