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Pokémon GO is an AR game for mobile devices. It was developed by Niantic Inc. and released in 2016. The game has become one of the most popular AR games ever released.

Gameplay: Collect Them All

The gameplay is pretty simple in Pokémon GO as the most time, you will be just collecting the Pokémon all around you. The augmented reality part of the game is about the locations of the creatures: they are scattered around your physical location. You have to walk the street and find a Pokémon with your camera to add it to your collection. There are more than 500 creatures available, and after collecting them, you can participate in battles and raids. The most addicting part is the collecting, as you can challenge your friends in finding the rarest Pokémon. It also motivates you to spend more time outside and enhances your walks by adding the entertainment element.

Graphics: Pokémon in Reality

Graphics might be a bit controversial as Pokémon GO was one of the first AR games to get popular. It utilizes the same style of the Pokémon universe, which is not always perfectly overlaid to the real world. It might seem a bit confusing to see cartoony creatures on real terrain you capture with your camera. In case you don’t see any dissonance in this, you will definitely enjoy the local graphics. The Pokémon are animated well, and it is interesting to watch them and play with them. The AR part works properly, and the models do not get buggy when you capture them with your camera. The interface inside the game is very attractive, however: the collection looks just perfect thanks to the cartoony style of most elements.

Controls: Control Your Feet

The hardest part of controlling Pokémon GO is the walking part. Playing the game is extremely simple and easy: you will face no difficulties while learning to play it. Collecting Pokémon is easy as well, you just need to find them on the map and locate them with your camera. Collection management is also simple, and the game is not challenging at all. Making the Pokémon stronger and participating in battles is not hard as well: the game is about collecting, not about action gameplay with hard to master controls.

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