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Grand Theft Auto V is the latest part of the famous GTA series developed by Rockstar. The game was initially released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 and has been since ported to desktop and the consoles of the eighth generation.

Gameplay: Criminal Freedom

The fifth numbered part of the GTA series offers traditional action gameplay with a vast open-world and dozens of activities available for the player. As always, you can drive various vehicles, commit a crime, escape from the police pursuits, complete the story missions, and many more. For the first time, Grand Theft Auto started offering a full multiplayer mode with a separate realm of the game’s open world. In previous parts, you could only play different game modes with other players, while GTA 5 offers to explore the open world alongside dozens of other players. The game modes are still available and won’t let you get bored after you finish the story mode.

Graphics: GTA Evolved

GTA has always been utilizing its own unique style, which is partially cartoony. It helps the developers to reach high compatibility and great performance on most devices: many previous parts are even available on mobile already. GTA 5 sticks to this tradition as well, but the graphics have definitely evolved since GTA 4. They might seem a bit less realistic, but they are surely more detailed, the locations are more densely filled with objects, and NPC’s and the performance is much more stable. The game has also seen several updates of graphics since it has been released, and there is a high chance that Rockstar will update it again for the next-gen.

Controls: Typical Console Port

The game was initially designed for consoles, and therefore the controls are pretty simple. You only have to utilize several additional buttons, which makes playing with the gamepad very comfortable. The game is basically a third-person view shooter, so the mechanics and controls are pretty typical for the genre. There are tons of interactions available, but most of them require using the same few buttons. The game is very intuitive all the way through, so even the new gamers will quickly figure out how it works.

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