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ZOOM is an app for video communicating. It allows you to configure, host, and visit conferences, chat with people, and perform real phone calls. It is available for Android, iOS, and desktop with cross-platform use feature.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Fresh Design

The best thing about the design of the ZOOM app is that it is equally simple to use on mobile and on PC. Probably, hosting is a bit better and more convenient on the desktop, as the navigation is a little more quickly there, but it is still very comfortable to launch conferences on mobile. The interface is perfectly structured, and you will find most of the features exactly where you would expect them to be. The visual design of the app is also great, as the bright backgrounds and dark captions set the right mood for business and work. The app’s design allows you to quickly navigate through the features and reach great efficiency of your conferences.

Features: So Call Me Maybe

An app is a great tool for conferences as it has all the features you might need on your online meetings. You can obviously call people online using microphones and cameras, there is a common chat for the participants of each conference, and there are many additional features as well. For example, you can configure private access with a manual allowance of new participants to prevent unwanted logins to your meetings. There are also virtual backgrounds for informal meetings and options to demonstrate the screens and co-annotate on content for business talks. On top of that, there are personal and group chats, real phone calls, and cross-platform use available in ZOOM. The app offers high-quality video and audio and performs perfectly for small groups, but most users report issues and lags when it comes to large conferences with dozens of people.

Security: Not So Secure

Unfortunately, ZOOM does not offer a sufficient level of protection. The app does not utilize end-to-end encryption, which is making your meetings vulnerable. You should avoid sharing sensitive business or personal information in ZOOM, but it is still a great choice for educational meetings, routine business conferences, or personal talks. It is possible to set up a manual allowance to prevent unwanted joiners, so for the mentioned purposes, the app is secure enough.

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