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Geometry Dash is an action platformer game developed by RobTop Games. It was initially released on PC in 2013 and has been ported to Android and iOS.

Gameplay: Extreme Platforming

Geometry Dash is one of the best platforming games available for mobile devices. The desktop version was highly rated both by critics and users, while the mobile version carefully adapts every gameplay aspect to the new platform. The gameplay is rhythm-based, and there are lots of levels and soundtracks available. The gameplay is diverse enough to make you addicted the whole time, and there is even a level-editor for those who have completed everything already and want to show some creativity in making their own challenging courses. You also unlock new skins, icons, and colors as you progress. The game is not free to play, but there are no in-game purchases, and all the content is unlocked through the gameplay.

Graphics: Lovely Visuals

The graphics are especially cool in Geometry Dash as the developers have utilized a wide color palette and created a large variety of obstacles, enemies, and other objects. Another great advantage of Geometry Dash is the soundtrack library: the game is rhythm-based, so the audio is as important as video. The soundtracks are perfect and drive you through the available levels with additional immersion. The animations are smooth, and the framerates are high on most devices. The game is simple visually, so it does not require much power to bring great experience on budget phones. You can also download the soundtracks you enjoy: there are links to the songs on YouTube in the game, and some of them have dozens of millions of views.

Controls: One Touch

Another benefit of Geometry Dash is the controls. Your character moves on its own, and you only have to touch the screen to make it jump. The mechanics are simple, but the levels are hard, making you master the timings and take many attempts to complete a single level. Such choice of controls is great, as you do not have to learn them: you just jump into the crazy gameplay straight off.

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