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Facebook is a social network used by more than 2.5 billion people monthly. The network was initially launched with a web-version in 2004 and has since been ported to most platforms, including Android and iOS.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Not for Newbies

Facebook was a very user-friendly social network back in the day, but things naturally change. The network is receiving so many new features that it gets harder and harder to start using it every year. Despite the hard efforts of the developers, even the mobile app is not convenient for new users: there are so many features, menus, and options, that almost anyone will immediately get lost. It might sound strange, as billions of people use Facebook on a daily basis, and they get used to the interface and are completely fine with it, but we think it is important to admit that it is very hard and inconvenient for new users.

Features: Everything and More

Facebook is a social network in the first place, so it obviously allows you to socialize. You can find existing friends or new people on Facebook, you can subscribe to various groups and communities, which share content for any taste, and you can like, share or comment on the content you enjoy. To start using Facebook, you have to create an account and set up your profile: you may use your real name and photograph to make it easier for your friends to find you, or you can find them by yourself with the search tool. There are dozens of additional features, including apps, mini-games, a marketplace, and many more available as well. Facebook is basically a platform where you can socialize in any way you want it: sharing content, messaging people, commenting stuff, reposting your favorites, and many more.

Security: Issues Exist

  • Facebook is one of the largest social networks available, and it obviously becomes a target for hackers and scammer groups.
  • There have been several issues both concerning security when hackers were able to exploit the platform and gain access to any account they wanted, and concerning data privacy when it was revealed that Facebook gathers a lot of personal information to improve the targeting of advertisement


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