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Fidget Toys Trading: Pop It Games & Fidget Trade is a fun and relaxing casual game with gripping and dynamic gameplay, beautifully colored graphics, and tons of opportunities to relieve your stress and achieve inner balance. There is Fidget Toys Trading mobile version for Android and iOS devices, but you can also download Fidget Toys Trading for Xbox. If you prefer to play Fidget Toys Trading on PC, make sure your OS is Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher. Note that the game is unavailable for PS / PS4 / PS5 and also completely free, so do not fall for the ads that urge you to order Fidget Toys Trading for money.


The bright graphics of this free download game will appeal to both adults and children who love fidget toys and are interested in stylish coloring books. Catchy but not too vibrant, the animations in this game will not irritate your kid’s eye or make your child all hyped-up. All the objects you encounter in the main mode and in the mini-games look and sound just like they look and sound in real life. 


When you install Fidget Toys Trading on your mobile or PC, you will see that it is a fantastically fun game, in which you will be continuously exchanging various items in an attempt to build the most impressive and exclusive collection of fidget toys and become the world's most successful fidget billionaire. With over 200 unique fidget toys to compete for, including infinity cubes, spinners, squishies, pop-its, and boinks, you will have to use your best negotiation skills and develop the most effective trading techniques to predict your rivals’ next move and outsmart other players as you continue to accumulate your capital. 


Owing to the fascinating gameplay that does not bore you even after hours of play and simple game mechanics that comes down to three basic functions – Trade, Demand More, or Deny – and allows you to conduct all exchanges very quickly, Fidget Toys Trading offers a highly dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience that you will want to repeat again and again. Each session is a delightful combination of luck and individual excellence, so, instead of getting old, the game will keep thrilling you with exciting and increasingly more challenging trades. And when the stress gets too much, there is always a relaxing mini-game to smoothen things out. The only thing affecting its replayability is the insane amount of ads that cannot be avoided if you download Fidget Toys Trading for free.


Fidget Toys Trading easily ranks among the best soothing games available today on the anti-stress app market. Thanks to its highly entertaining gameplay, immense educational potential, and tons of great anxiety-relief features, the game will have something to offer to players of any age, interest, and skill level. You do not need to order or preorder Fidget Toys Trading as it is a free-to-play game.

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