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Farmington is a game that is set on a farm. The player is in charge of the farm and must take care of the animals and crops. The game is played in a day-to-day cycle, with each day having a different task to be completed. The game is simple but addictive, with a lot of replay value.


The graphics in Farmington are colorful and detailed. The animals and crops look realistic and the environment is well-rendered. The game is set in a 3D world and the player can rotate the camera to get a better view of the farm.


The gameplay in Farmington is easy to learn but hard to master. The player must complete tasks such as feeding the animals, watering the crops and selling the produce. The game is challenging and requires strategic planning. There are also a lot of different Farmington games that can be played, with different rules and objectives.

Replay Value

Farmington has a lot of replay value. The player can try to complete the game in different ways and there are many different Farmington games that can be played. The game is also addictive and the player will want to keep coming back to the farm to see how their animals and crops are doing.


Farmington is a well-made game that offers a high level of customization and a good amount of replay value. The game's graphics are realistic and detailed, and the gameplay is similar to that of Farmville. If you're looking for a game that you can play over and over again, Farmington is definitely worth checking out.

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