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Pokémon Quest is a Nintendo Switch game with a free-to-play business model. The game is a side-scrolling RPG featuring many of the classic Pokémon found in anime and games. Players adventure through the game's world on a quest to restore power to the island's machines, which in turn will help them explore more of the world and ultimately find the rarest Pokémon.


The game features a side-scrolling RPG style with the player's party exploring the game's world on a quest to find and capture the classic Pokémon. The game also features a free-to-play business model with in-app purchases to purchase Poké Diamonds to buy items, level up their Pokémon, or revive their team if they lose all of their health. Pokémon Quest is a single-player RPG that does not feature any multiplayer mode.


Pokémon Quest is a free-to-play RPG developed by Game Freak. The game features many of the classic Pokémon from anime and games. Players travel through the game's world, which is set in a square-shaped island, on a quest to restore power to the island's machines.

The Pokemon Quest app is a game that is set in a world where players have to go on quests to find ingredients to make dishes for Pokemon. The design is bright and colorful. There are multiple tabs to explore in the app such as the player's kitchen, the map, and the Pokemon menu. The map shows the distance in kilometers to the next objective to complete. The player can also select a Pokemon to see what ingredients it likes, which is the bread and butter of the game. The graphics are very clear and the interface is simple. As the player moves forward in the game, the world brightens and more colors are introduced.


The Pokemon Quest video game is a free-to-play role playing game for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a spin-off of the Pokemon franchise, and is an adaptation of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Pokemon Quest was released on June 27, 2018. The game’s combat is entirely turn-based, and the game contains no Pokemon battles. The player is able to recruit up to seven Pokemon to use in the game, and the team is chosen from the pool of Pokemon that the player encounters. The player can choose to explore Tumblecube Island by traveling on a raft, and can also recruit new Pokemon to add to their team by finding them in the wilds. Players can also buy items from PokeMart using the in-game currency.

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