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An interesting game for people of all ages, Cooking Fever – Restaurant Game is a restaurant game which is available on both, the iOS and Android platforms. In the game, you must dive into the world of chefs and restaurants and enjoy the exciting cooking challenges. Cooking Fever is a game in which you have to cook a variety of dishes in order to beat your own records and earn money. The game is an endless clicking game which is entirely based on luck.


In this game, your task is to manage and run your own restaurant. You will have to take orders from customers, make delicious dishes, and prepare them for the customers in time. You will also have to make sure that customers are happy with the food and if not, you will have to try and find out the issue and correct it. In the game, you can create your own dishes in your own restaurant and serve them to customers. To make sure that your customers are happy with the dishes, you will have to take care of the cooking process. Customers will be happy with the dishes if the cooking process was well managed and the dishes are delicious.

The gameplay of the game is simple, as you have to cook dishes for customers who order them. In order to cook the dish, you have to click on the ingredients and follow the instructions. You won't have to worry about the order of the ingredients, as it is random. When you give the dish to the customer, you have to click on the dish and the customer will give you the money they promised. The game is relatively challenging because you have to click the ingredients and follow the instructions, and also because you have to manage your time to prepare as many dishes as possible.


Graves are nice and colourful which makes the game more enjoyable. The background music is also calming and soothing. The graphics of the game are not so good, but the gameplay is simple, which might be the reason for the low quality graphics.


You can replay this game if you need to improve the restaurant or make sure that the restaurant is at top shape. The game has a fairly low level of replayability, because the gameplay is not so interesting.


  • The game is free to play
  • The game is interesting and challenging
  • You can take dishes and make them your own style
  • The game is creative
  • The game offers good customer service
  • The game is fun
  • The game offers a lot of levels


  • The game is a little laggy
  • The game has a lot of ads
  • The game is a bit difficult


It is a game where you have to cook as many dishes as you can, by following the recipes, and serve them to the customers. You can upgrade your restaurant by buying new buildings, cooking appliances, and decorations.

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