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Text Me is a free app for sending SMS messages and making calls with real phone numbers online. It was originally released in 2013 and is now available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Simple Calls and Chats

The app is designed in a pretty simple way, allowing you to quickly figure out how it works. There are several main sections for calls and chats, but the navigation, in general, could be more efficient. The features are split into five main sections, which is quite a lot. The app also utilizes dark backgrounds for chats, which sometimes turn out to be a bit too dark to easily recognize the texts. The call interface is great, however, as it repeats the standard interface with buttons for each number and a big green call button in the middle.

Features: SMS, Calls, and More

The main features were already stated above, they are calls and texts. What makes Text Me a great app is the option to have several numbers on one account, send unlimited SMS messages, and make international calls for free. The chats are also pretty comprehensive and allow you to share photos, videos, emoji, and voice messages as real MMS. There are even a voicemail feature and an option to share geolocation with other users.

However, this would be too great if the app would actually allow calling and SMSing anyone around the globe for free. The trick is that you have to spend the in-app currency for calls. Yes, you can earn these credits for free, but most obviously, you can buy them. The credit rates vary between regions, but the good thing is that calling and texting other Text Me users is free of charge.

Security: Not So Secure

The app utilizes a virtual phone number, with all the calls processed as regular phone calls and through the Text Me servers, which is obviously not so secure. The app has not been part of major data breach scandals, as you do not have to provide personal data to use it, but many users report receiving random calls on their virtual numbers. In case you are looking for a secure communication app, Text Me is definitely not an option for you.

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