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Spotify is one of the most popular apps for streaming music of new or popular artists. It is available on desktop, Android, and iOS devices and is free to use with the option to get a paid subscription.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Great for Music

The app has a great design, which perfectly represents the general mood of Spotify. It is a place to discover new artists and listen to your favorite music, and the app’s design and the interface are greatly highlighting these principles. The app has three main sections, which are home, search, and library. The homepage suggests some new music based on your preferences, the search section is needed to look up for something specific, and the library obviously represents the downloaded content and your playlists. The navigation is pretty clear, and the app is user friendly enough for new users not to get lost in it. It also utilizes dark backgrounds, which helps to set a proper relaxing mood for music listening.

Features: Spot New Artists

The app has several amazing features for listening to music at all power. You have lots of streaming options with Spotify: you can stream music to your smart speakers, Chromecast devices, smart TVs, and many more. Another great thing about this app is that it suggests new music based on your preferences and generates personal playlists based on the songs you like. In Spotify, you can either stream music online or download it to listen without using cellular data later. It has a huge library of songs, and the free version has most of the features available: the paid subscription only enhances the limits. The built-in player is especially comfortable to use, as it offers all the necessary features presented with stylish and illustrative icons, which are easily recognizable and accessible.

Security: Accounts Are Not Always Safe

Spotify does not gather much data, so there were no major data breach scandals. However, the accounts with paid subscriptions become targets of hackers from time to time, and the developers are not fighting it hard enough. There is no two-factor authentication, so the only way to protect your account is to set up a strong password and change it regularly.

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