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Pikmin Bloom is a game for the Nintendo DS, which was released in North America in November 2007. The game is about a group of Pikmin, who are in charge of gathering items and building the land. The game is much like the original Pikmin game in that it is a strategy game, in which players control Pikmin in order to gather items and battle enemies.


Pikmin Bloom is about 250 puzzles, similar to Tetris in that they are puzzles consisting of blocks. Players control Pikmin to stack blocks in order to create a tower. They must use the blocks in the right order in order to complete the puzzle. In Pikmin Bloom, each player can control up to three teams. When a player moves one of their teams, they will roll the dice to determine how many spaces they can move their teams. If they roll a six, they can move all three of their teams the same number of spaces. Players will be able to collect fruit, which can be used to increase the player's score. If players collect three of the same type of fruit, they get an additional fruit of the same type. The game ends when the time runs out.


The graphics in Pikmin Bloom are good, but they are nothing spectacular. The game is in 2D, but the backgrounds are in 3D. The graphics in Pikmin Bloom are very simplistic. The board is a hexagon grid, and each player has their own hexagon. The game board is green, and the fruit is some type of yellow. Players can see what type of fruit they are collecting on the board.

Information about replayability

Pikmin Bloom is not replayable because it is too hard. It has too many hard puzzles, and doesn't have any easier puzzles to help the player get used to the game.


  • There are many different ways to play
  • It is fast-paced
  • Players can control up to three teams at one time
  • The game is easy to learn
  • The game is cheap
  • The game is educational
  • The game is fun


  • The game is not very replayable
  • The game can be repetitive
  • The game takes a long time to set up
  • The game is too simple
  • The game is not very creative


Pikmin Bloom is a board game in which players can control up to three different teams to collect fruit. The board is a hexagonal grid where players can move around to find fruit. The goal of the game is to collect as much fruit as possible before the time ends.

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