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Life360 is an app for tracking the geolocations of selected users in real-time. It was initially released in 2008 and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Attractive and Intuitive

Download Life360, the app is designed in a way that would be convenient for users of all ages. It is very simple and user-friendly, helping all the family members to ensure their relatives are safe and sound. The location tracking works just as any map application, it just adds the icons of the connected members to the map, representing their current location in real-time. Their interfaces for additional features are also great and stylish as the developers have utilized bright colors to highlight the important options and elements. The navigation is simple and efficient as well, offering a simple opportunity to track locations and statuses of the connected members.

Features: Location Tracking and More

The app does not only allow you to track the locations of the connected members but offers several important additional features. First of all, there are many privacy configuration options: you can configure private access to your channel and stop sending your location anytime you want it. Secondly, there are several features for safety tracking: the app allows for tracking driving speed and preventing people from violating the local regulations. It also has a location journal to quickly understand where the contact has been in case his or her connection has dropped.After Installed Life360 also offers a simple option to chat in the family channel and track the stolen devices. The first two connections are available for free, but enhancing the circle of contacts in the channel is provided by paid subscription.

Security: Concerned but Not Yet Breached

Despite the app uses 256-bit encryption, which is one of the highest industry standards, there still are security concerns. The data shared with the app is extremely sensitive as the app knows your location most of the time, and in case someone gets access to this information, he will be easily able to track you anytime. However, there were no data breach scandals with Life360, and the app seems to be pretty secure, but we strongly recommend thinking twice before sharing such sensitive information with any app.

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