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Google Duo is a video communication app presented by Google. It was initially released in 2016 and is now available on iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Simple Calls

The user interface design is one of the best things about Google Duo as the app offers a very convenient and simple way to connect with people while remaining an efficient tool with all the necessary features available. Making and receiving calls is exceptionally simple, and the in-call interface is good as well. It is presented as an overlay to the images of participants and presents the necessary features with greatly illustrative icons. The navigation through the app is good as well because the interface is well-structured and not overloaded at all, and the menus are categorized properly, all of which being available for free.

Features: All for a Call

Google Duo allows you to connect with other people in several ways. You can participate in individual or group video and audio calls in real-time or send voice and video messages in case the person is not ready to talk at the moment. The app offers cross-platform use, which allows you to communicate with Android, iOS, and desktop users, no matter which of the supported devices is in your hands. The calls are pretty simple and do not have many complicated features to offer, but the app is not developed for business conferences with requirements to share screens, collaborate on content, and so on. It is developed to easily call people, and it does its job well. The quality is pretty high, the app supports groups of up to 12 people, and there is also a low-light mode that allows users to clearly see you even in a dark room.

Security: Google Protected

Google Duo utilizes end-to-end encryption, which means the data of the call is only available for the call’s participants. Google does not receive your data and cannot decode it, which means the communication is pretty safe. The app has not been part of any security and data breach controversies, so it is one of the most secure video call apps available right now.

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