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Bigo Live is an app created for streaming. You can use the app to stream yourself doing anything you want. You can either invite someone to your live stream or go live on your own. You can also watch live streams of other users. You can use the app to play games like Pokemon Go, Fortnite, Pubg, etc. The app allows you to create your own content and interact with other users. It has features like video calls, stickers, filters, etc. It also allows you to post videos, photos, etc. You can also make your live stream public or private.

Design, Navigation, and Usability: Tabs for Everything

The app has a simple interface. It has three tabs at the bottom which are "Live", "Info" and "Leave" To the right of the screen, there is a search icon, a search box, and a "back" icon.

The Live tab is the main tab. It shows the live stream of the user. The stream can be either in full-screen mode or in the small icon mode. The icon mode shows the icon of the person who is live, and to the right of that icon, there is a camera icon. This icon is to join the live stream of the user. There are three lines at the top. These lines are to browse through the list of live people.

The Info tab has the profile of the user. It shows their name, their gender, their age, their country, their phone number, and their profile picture. There is a button to the right of the profile picture. This button is to go to the person's live stream.

It has a “leave” tab at the bottom. When a user is live, they can go to the “leave” tab. In the “leave” tab, there is a button to join the live stream. They can also join the live stream from the Info tab.

In the Info tab, there is a "Me" button. It shows a silhouette of a person. When a user clicks on that button, it shows a function which is a mirror. The mirror function works only when a user is live.

Features: Live Streaming Now!

Instal Bigo Live grants you the ability to stream live video online which you can view on mobile, Android, PC, or web. It has some of the best features like live streaming, live video, video calls. You can also find many people around the world through this app. You can share your live videos on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

Security: Good reputation

Is Bigo Live a secure app? Well, the app has been in the app store for years and the app is still thriving. This shows that the app is a stable app and safe app. Download Bigo Live. 

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