Pokemon Go Spheal Community Day Details

Zachary Kandell / 19 Jan 2022

Pokemon Go Spheal Community Day Details image

The latest Community Day in Pokemon Go is already here! This month’s event is focused on Spheal, an Ice/Water-type creature that first appeared in Ruby and Sapphire. In this quick guide, we covered everything you need to know about the event, including the new moves and extra bonuses.

Exclusive Move & Other Bonuses

If you had a Sealeo evolved into Walrein during the event, you would automatically receive the Powder Snow exclusive move along with an Icicle Spear. The second is a brand new move that requires a charge of only 35 energy points and deals up to 60 points of damage. Due to its relatively low cost, Walrein becomes a great option for the Great League and other competitive formats of the game. It now becomes the best ice-type creature and a powerful alternative to Lapras.

In addition to the new moves, the last community day offered a triple Catch XP bonus along with 3-hour lures and incense. Players also had an opportunity to catch a boosted Shine Spheal skin with a darker belly and purple top skin.

Similar to the last month’s Community Day, this month’s event introduced a powerful update to shake up the Master League once again. Will they continue to reward us with such great opportunities during upcoming events? We hope so! The last month’s Avalugg was already a great one, and now we have both Avalugg and a boosted Walrein. Matchmaking becomes very exciting due to these changes.

Already Running

The event started on January 16th and was available to all the users during a short window from 11 AM to 5 PM (local time). Did you have time to visit the game during the event? What did you manage to get? And what do you expect from the next Community Day event, by the way? Let’s chat below and don’t forget to share the news with other fans of the game.

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