World Of Warcraft Classic Launched New Beta

Shari Lynn Kramer / 06 Oct 2021

World Of Warcraft Classic Launched New Beta image

The devs behind WoW Classic grants the players an opportunity for a breath-of-fresh air server experience with an overhauled game version dubbed the Season of Mastery. The content of the new beta will differ from that of Classic, featuring a combo of quality-of-life adaptations and enhanced difficulty for raids.

Yep, Blizzard Entertainment has just launched a new open beta in World Of Warcraft Classic while preparing for a brand new addition. The Season Of Mastery open beta brings some changes to the gaming experience. Starting October 5th, you can run these changes through their paces and share your conclusions with us in the comments at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile, we’ll cover the basics of the new WoW Classic’s new beta.

Some of the aforementioned changes were applied by the dev team based on the community feedback, while others were just necessary by default. You can find them perfectly detailed-out in a blog post on Blizzard’s official website.

The six content release phases will stay, but they’ll unlock speedier. Raids will become more challenging, particularly now that players get to access a lot more data. This will include getting rid of world buffs in raids and boosting boss health pools, along with other tweaks. Leveling in the Season of Mastery will be easier and i.e., will take less time than usual. Classic initially spanned about 2 years. The Season of Mastery is supposed to run about a year from beginning to end.

On September 30th, the WoW dev team released a blog post where they announced changes to the game content. Have you read it? Are you ready to test-drive new content? Perhaps you've done that already? You’re free to share your opinion on the topic with your fellow readers. Let it all out in the comment box below. We value your thoughts greatly.

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