WhatsApp Will Have A Function To Share Links To Calls

Zachary Kandell / 28 Sep 2022

WhatsApp Will Have A Function To Share Links To Calls image

Many popular apps, including Google Meet and Zoom, have long had a feature that allows you to leave a link to a video call. The developers of WhatsApp, in turn, found this feature useful, so they decided to implement a functionality that will allow you to share a link to a call with friends and family.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that from now on, users will be able to join WhatsApp calls through the link provided to them in literally one click. According to him,the company is currently developing an in-depth functionality for this innovation, namely encrypted video calls, in which up to 32 users can participate. Back in April of this year, the company mentioned the development of such a feature, and now, six months later, it is being actively tested on a selected audience.

In order to link to a WhatsApp video call, users need to go to the video call tab. Once created, it can be shared with family or friends, so they can join a group video call. The feature will be available to all users this week, so keep an eye out for app updates if you want to be one of the first to try out the new features. Each link created will work for 90 days if inactive. If you mistakenly send it to a user who does not have the application installed, he will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp download page.

The new functionality has been highly anticipated by users as it will improve communication with loved ones and make group video calls much more popular. The simplicity of the feature also works in favor of the novelty finding a positive response from users.

Do you think the ability to quickly switch to a group video call in WhatsApp will make video calls more popular within the application? What functionality do you miss while using the application? Please share your opinion below.

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