War Zone The Soldier is Getting a New Game Mode

Shari Lynn Kramer / 16 Mar 2022

War Zone The Soldier is Getting a New Game Mode image

War Zone – The Soldier, created by OAO India, was launched just a month ago and the time has come for the first major update. This update will add a game mode that will allow players to test just how long they can survive.

War Zone – The Soldier is an old-school 2D run and gun side-scrolling action game and is very similar to the good old classics such as Contra and Metal Slug. This game, however, is also adding some very minor RPG mechanics that allow you to gradually unlock and power up your weapons and equipment.

Additionally, this game has a strategic skill tree that allows unlocking a broad range of special abilities, which include everything from rocket launchers to homing missiles. All of these extra features give this game a sense of progression, making it much more fun to play. Until now, the game only had one linear path of levels that you had to beat, but the new update is bringing another mode to this great game.

The new update is adding a survival game mode to this game which is virtually endless. When you start playing this mode, you will be given a certain amount of health and some power-ups, and the challenge is to survive as long as possible given the limited number of resources.

This mode will truly put your skills to the test since your health and weapons are limited, while the game is endless. Only the finest players will be able to top the leaderboards by perfectly making use of all the equipment provided at the start of the game.

Did you play 2D Run n’ Gun side-scrolling games when you were a kid? Which old-school game was your favorite? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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