Unearthing Galaxy's Best Kept Secret: Starfield Player Uncovers a Powerhouse Pistol

Shari Lynn Kramer / 27 Sep 2023

Unearthing Galaxy's Best Kept Secret: Starfield Player Uncovers a Powerhouse Pistol image

In the vibrant and expansive universe of Starfield, players are on the prowl for weapons, always hoping to stumble upon a piece of equipment that will give them a leg up in their space-faring adventures. The game's loot system, characterized by its random nature, keeps the players on their toes, never knowing when they might unearth a treasure. Recently, a player known as FrostedFrickers hit the mother lode, discovering a pistol that outclasses most rifles in the game, a find that quickly became the talk of the community.

This extraordinary find, which FrostedFrickers shared on the Starfield subreddit, is a legendary pistol named the "One Inch Punch Modified Calibrated Old Earth Pistol." The specs of this weapon are mind-boggling – it delivers an astounding 181 physical damage and fires at a rate of 60 bullets per minute. Its three mod slots are filled with a compensator, a tactical grip, and armor-piercing rounds, making it a formidable weapon in any player's arsenal. But what really sets it apart and catapults it into the realm of legendary weapons are its unique perks that augment its deadliness significantly.

The first perk, aptly named 'Furious', enhances the damage inflicted with each successive hit. Next comes 'Rapid', which increases the bullet fire rate by 25%, thereby augmenting the damage further, especially when combined with the Furious perk. The final perk, 'One Inch Punch', causes the bullets to scatter like a shotgun, transforming this hand-held terror into a weapon of mass destruction.

Drawing a parallel with reality, the Old Earth Pistol in Starfield is reminiscent of the M1911 handgun, a popular choice in films and video games. The 'One Inch Punch' perk, while enhancing the gameplay, also carries a fascinating backstory. It is a term associated with a real-life combat technique attributed to the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, who popularized it, though he wasn't its inventor. This Chinese-origin technique, designed for close-quarters combat, is about maximizing the force of a punch while minimizing the movement.

While Starfield is teeming with a plethora of weaponry, each carrying its own distinct charm and power, the discovery of the "One Inch Punch Modified Calibrated Old Earth Pistol" has set a new benchmark. It not only stands as a testament to the thrill and unpredictability of Starfield's loot system but also underscores the depth and variety of the game's weaponry. It's a potent reminder that in the vast expanses of the Starfield universe, the next extraordinary discovery could be just around the corner, waiting to be found. This discovery by FrostedFrickers is certain to inspire players to continue their relentless exploration of the Starfield universe in search of their own legendary loot.

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