Tinder to Release 2nd Installment of ‘Swipe Night’

Shari Lynn Kramer / 18 Aug 2021

Tinder to Release 2nd Installment of ‘Swipe Night’ image

Tinder, the most widely used application for meeting people, has recently announced its plans for bringing back its interactive experience ‘Swipe Night.’ It’s going to be a first-person mystery-solving game where players will pick a potential criminal, based on their own analyses. Generally speaking, ‘Swipe Night’ is a more responsive way for dating app users to spark potential partners’ interest and start mingling. Keep reading for more details on the topic.

When ‘Swipe Night’ was first released a year ago, it gained immense popularity among the Tinder users, uniting 20M members around its plot and generating an over 25% boost in matches. The new series will introduce fresh characters and a brand new plot. Each Tinder member will experience the game in a unique way, for each of them will make their unique choices while going through it. As each episode ends, players will be matched with each other via ‘Fast Chat,’ where they’ll discuss the storyline, investigate certain evidence, and engage in solving the mystery together. ‘Fast Chat’ was rolled out in June to grant Tinder’s singles the possibility to chat with each other prior to mingling. 

On the whole, ‘Swipe Night’ laid the foundation for social entertainment adventures on Tinder, something that has gained immense popularity and broadened the way users can find someone special. The choose-your-own-adventure show will return for a second season within Tinder’s newly created Explore section. Explore comes with a treasure trove of goodies specifically designed for Gen Zers to express their creative side, learn more about others, and, naturally, find new matches. When used in combination, both Explore and the show itself might begin the largest evolution yet in how Tinder members can have fun match-making to the most effective extent possible. 

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