TikTok Offers US Users Storage Unavailable for China

Shari Lynn Kramer / 21 Mar 2022

TikTok Offers US Users Storage Unavailable for China image

TikTok is close to making a deal that allows the US audience to keep their data closed for the Chinese companies. People in America will have different storage from the Chinese audience. The company is approaching the original plan of Trump’s Administration to be separated by the region.

In 2020 Trump has failed to force TikTok into becoming an American social platform. The ownership still belongs to the Chinese-based company ByteDance. Yet, nowadays the company wants to create specific storage for US audiences. This storage will keep the data protected from Chinese-based companies.

Reuters confirmed that TikTok is taking part in negotiations with Oracle. They are close to reaching an agreement on the separate storage for American citizens’ data. This deal can divide one database and separate the US data from the Chinese. The US citizens' data will be kept far from the reach of China groups. The new agreement may stop the concerns over strict laws of cyber security in China. Chinese developers ByteDance may share the information with the CCP at any request from the officials, according to the Chinese laws.

The Trump Administration was concerned about TikTok’s links to the Chinese officials. The previous government believed that the only way is to either buy the company from China or cut it completely in the US. Numerous business owners in America wanted to buy TikTok. Oracle was the closest to the deal company. Once Joe Biden became the president, this proposition was abandoned. Yet, concerns remained.

Now, since Russia started the war in Ukraine, attacking the country together with all Western democracies, fears for the US data safety re-appear. Users are afraid that TikTok will share their information with Chinese officials since China continues to back the actions of Russia. The Chinese position in this war raises new concerns over its threat toward the US.

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