TikTok and Vimeo Collaboration Provides New Software Tools

Shari Lynn Kramer / 23 Jul 2021

TikTok and Vimeo Collaboration Provides New Software Tools image

Video ads creative tools are the major object of the Vimeo and TikTok partnership. TikTok wants to create software instruments for the video platforms. Their project will allow small and medium businesses to get to the audience by using video ads on TikTok. The ads can be made with the video tools that Vimeo has. Vimeo offers advanced tools like AI-based Vimeo Create. You will be able to create the ad right away and publish it with the TikTok Ad Manager.

Vimeo’s SVP of Business Development, Richard Bloom commented on recent news as well. He said that this temporary collaboration of Vimeo and TikTok is solving the major problem of SMBs. They now will be able to easily get in touch with customers, using simple and affordable tools, creating advanced ads. He says that the company is excited to work with TikTok For Business and extend the popularity of Vimeo Create. According to him, these tools will help businesses to reach clients in no time.

The company made a pre-test. It showed the higher click-through data at 50 percent compared with the past campaigns. Vimeo becomes TikTok Marketing Partner and will be able to offer its creative instruments. The first business that was tested is NaturalAnnieEssentials. This business of soy candles development from Bridgeport showed a 5.5 rise in the rate of conversion. The CEO of the company, Annya White-Brown said that these tools helped them to save thousands of dollars. They did not have to ship their candles to the production studio to create a promotion like it was before. According to her, they simply used Vimeo tools in their TikTok ads. She compared the creation of the ad by Vimeo with adding the products to the template so they will fit the brand. The soy candle business now uses TikTok ads on a daily basis. They create 30-75 different advertising videos to promote candles every month.

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