Third-Parties Repair of iPhone 13 Will Break Its Face ID

Shari Lynn Kramer / 29 Sep 2021

Third-Parties Repair of  iPhone 13 Will Break Its Face ID image

When it comes to providing a good level of privacy and many other features, Apple has always prioritized the comfort of its consumers. At the same time, when we talk about any repairs of smartphones, the situation has been a lot more difficult. The company has always made it clear that they don’t like the unauthorized repairs of iPhones and MacBooks and they are ready to take steps to prevent that from happening.

In the case of iPhone 13, the team of Apple is taking its efforts to the next level. They made it almost impossible to repair one of the most frequently broken parts of the device, its screen, with the help of third-parties. This time, it’s not just more difficult to open the iPhone and remove some parts of it, but there is a more advanced system in place. If you decide to take your iPhone to a third-party repair center and they use a certain unauthorized component, your smartphone may stop working altogether or have problems with some functions. Because only authorized centers have the right tools and parts, it means that the risk of going to third-party repairs becomes way too high.

Compared to the previous model, it has become easier to replace the battery on iPhone 13 Pro. While the phone will give you a warning, the smartphone won’t be blocked. However, if you decide to replace the display on iPhone 13 by going to an unauthorized center, your Face ID function will be completely broken. What is interesting is that the error will be triggered even if a genuine iPhone 13 screen is installed. While it may be understandable that the company wants to discourage repairs to avoid problems with the devices, it is still surprising that they decided to take it this far with the screens.

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