The Creators Of The Finals Didn't Originally Intend To Develop A Shooter Game

Shari Lynn Kramer / 29 Dec 2023

The Creators Of The Finals Didn't Originally Intend To Develop A Shooter Game image

Given that Embark Studios is populated with individuals experienced in developing the Battlefield series, one might assume that crafting another shooter game would come naturally to them. Surprisingly, however, their initial game development direction was not set on making another shooter.

In a discussion with Game Informer, the studio's creative director, Gustav Tilleby, explained the origin of The Finals: "Initially, the concept of creating a shooter wasn't on the table for us. It wasn't something we had expressly articulated; rather, it was an unspoken consensus — a reaction to our past projects — that we should avoid creating another shooter."

Tilleby detailed how Embark Studios fostered creativity among its team: "Right from the early days, we engaged in regular game jams where everyone would pitch diverse ideas. Among mine were ideas I referred to as 'boring one' and 'boring two,' which were both shooters. I labeled them 'boring' because I assumed they wouldn't capture the interest of the team. Nevertheless, we reached a point where we considered the possibility and decided to explore the shooter concept. Those of us who opted in agreed that if we were to proceed, the game had to stand out; we had to create something unprecedented. That was the foundation from which we embarked on our pitching process."

The Finals has indisputably distinguished itself as an innovator within the shooter genre. Attracting millions during its open beta and maintaining player engagement post-launch, the game injects novelty into the category. Yet, it remains to be seen if its impact will endure over time.

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