Spotify Increases Control Over COVID-19 Podcasts

Shari Lynn Kramer / 31 Jan 2022

Spotify Increases Control Over COVID-19 Podcasts image

It does not look nice when your favorite singers are leaving Spotify, taking your favorite music. All Spotify can do is blame the lack of content advisory in the first place. The company is working hard to restore the reputation damaged by the Joe Rogan controversy, intensifying control.

Neil Young announced the decision to remove his songs from Spotify a few days after the scandal. He was followed by another legend Joni Mitchell who joined the protest. Famous singers decided to leave the music streaming portal after the Covid-19 vaccines misinformation.

The content advisory will be added to all the podcasts with a discussion of Covid-19. According to CEO Daniel Ek, the new service was made to prevent any misinformation about Covid-19 or vaccines. Spotify came into the middle of the scandal after musicians began to express their personal opinions on vaccines. Now, they want to stop the spread of disinformation.

After rock stars decided to leave the platform, concerns were expressed by Prince Harry and Meghan. They still want to continue the work with the platform to make sure that Spotify will fix the situation and stop false news over vaccines.

The new advisory will provide a link to the hub dedicated to Covid-19 information. There they will be able to read the opinions of doctors and health experts. There will be recommendations on trusted websites.

Young revealed his decision to take away his music from the platform after Joe Rogan’s podcast called “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Joe Rogan is a well-known skeptic about vaccines, who freely expresses his opinion, which is not medical, in the show. Young said that he does not want to stay on the same platform with fake information about vaccines.

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