Spotify HiFi is Delayed Without Details

Shari Lynn Kramer / 14 Jan 2022

Spotify HiFi is Delayed Without Details image

Spotify HiFi was first announced in February 2021 and the developer promised to roll it out by December 2021. However, the HiFi tier is still unavailable for users. The wave of frustrated comments on the official website triggered only a very short reply, in which the company says that it doesn’t have any “timing details” regarding the HiFi feature. 

A Huge Problem

The delay of the HiFi feature would be more or less ok if Apple didn’t add the support of lossless audio and spatial audio in 2021. Besides, Apple delivers these features to all the users for free, while Spotify announces HiFi as an additional paid feature for Premium subscribers only. Perhaps, such a move by the major rival will make Spotify change its plans and launch the feature for free as well. 

In addition to the launch of lossless audio support, there is a rumor that Apple is launching Air Pods Pro 2 with a wireless lossless audio playback feature in 2022. If this appears to be true, Spotify will lose a lot of users who decide to use Apple Music with its better software and hardware ecosystem. After all, Spotify can’t offer an alternative to Air Pods. We also expect that the new Air Pods Pro won’t be able to stream lossless audio outside the Apple Music app as it would require additional software support. 

Silence Doesn’t Help

Replying to customers with a small thread on the official website is certainly a big mistake of Spotify as it’s almost equal to staying silent. Many users were waiting for the feature a lot and not launching it soon will avert them from using the platform. Are you annoyed by the delay? Or have you already switched to Apple Music to access your favorite tracks in lossless format? Tell us about it in the comments and share the news with friends to update them on what’s going on.

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