Roblox Supports Apple in the Antitrust Case

Shari Lynn Kramer / 04 Apr 2022

Roblox Supports Apple in the Antitrust Case image

The lawsuit between Apple and Epic is far from over. But now the Cupertino company has found an unexpected but powerful ally. Roblox, one of the biggest gaming platforms now, supports Apple in the antitrust case. To amplify this support, Roblox even changes its positioning on the entertainment market, rebranding its offering.

One of the arguments Epic, the publisher of Fortnite and a bunch of other iconic games, used to its favor was that there had been a precedent. As Apple allowed Roblox to offer a free pass to the whole array of the games it features, this meant that Apple effectively allowed an alternative app market to exist on its platform. Epic attempted to use this case as a reason why it can use the same with its market which is prominent, for example, on PC.

Advocating Epic, though, was out of Roblox’s intentions. Besides all, the scandals around Roblox were undermining Apple’s statements about its role in granting security for its users, achieved through app control. On Roblox, though, there had been precedents of bullying, harassment, and other issues with security that Apple had claimed to block with its policy.

The way Roblox reacted was impressive. First. Roblox changed its positioning. Instead of games, now it says it offers “experiences”: this, indeed, is a wider umbrella term that combines games and social network elements Roblox indeed has. In addition, it started calling itself a metaverse company, and, given the scale of its activity, it sounds convincing.

The hearing of Epic’s appeal is scheduled in 2023. But until then, many things can change. What do you think about this alliance of Apple and Roblox? What if we are to witness the rise of Roblophone and Roblopad soon, as hardware platforms for its own metaverse? Tell us what you think in the comments if you please!

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