Roblox Annual Conference 2021: More Avatar Realism and NFT-Like Collectibles

Shari Lynn Kramer / 19 Oct 2021

Roblox Annual Conference 2021: More Avatar Realism and NFT-Like Collectibles image

Last week’s Roblox annual conference (RDC 2021) outlined the main directions of development for this fast-paced online game-creation platform. Among the most exciting company initiatives introduced at the event, there is a plan to enhance players’ avatars and make those more realistic, implement new channels for in-game monetization, and ensure that talented content creators on this platform can have a much more efficient and overall more enjoyable experience in developing games.

Roblox has become popular and loved largely due to its atmospheric blocky avatars and clumsy yet somehow hugely attractive graphics. Still, the company feels the time has come to add more realism and customization to its character models to make those more appealing to the older generation of players – an ambition that Roblox has been pursuing for a while now.

The most significant changes the company intends to take in this direction include launching a few visual updates like layered 3D clothing and facial gestures. The layered clothing feature should enable any game character type – whether a human, an alien, or a dinosaur – to look natural in whatever outfit players choose to drape them in. Another fascinating feature that Roblox announced coming is Dynamic Heads that aims to provide avatars with more life-like animated facial gestures.

Beyond that, Roblox is planning to let players design and put on sale limited-edition NFT-like items. Roblox content creators will be able to produce a limited-run collectible and sell it to other players for Robux. Additionally, they will be able to make money off of further re-sales of that said item.

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