iOS 15 Identifies People by Upper Bodies!

Shari Lynn Kramer / 30 Aug 2021

iOS 15 Identifies People by Upper Bodies! image

On June 23, Apple revealed its improved machine learning algorithms that can recognize people much more effectively. The surprising fact is that the people recognition feature in iOS 15 can now recognize your friends even if their faces aren’t visible clearly enough. 

Already Listed

The new ability of the face recognition module is already added to the list of new features of the upcoming Photos app for the next iOS. Apple doesn’t share as many details as we’d like to see, though.

According to the company’s official machine learning blog, the Photos app will be able to analyze appearance in a variety of new scenarios, including the scenes where you cannot see the face clearly enough. The developer managed to achieve this advancement by enabling the app to match upper bodies with faces from different photos. 

The company says that upper bodies have quite a lot of details, such as clothing, shape, color, haircut, and more. Besides, every subject can be associated with a particular repetitive environment.

All these aspects together can provide the app with a sense of context and make matching more effective. Tests show that even the most complicated and unusual poses don’t challenge the app. 

Despite concerns, the algorithm uses only the processing power available on your device to guarantee privacy. Memory and battery demands of the process have been significantly reduced as well. 

Train Your Photos

The release of iOS 15 is scheduled for late 2021, but you can already test the open developer’s beta at your own risk. Do you find the upcoming face recognition update useful? Have you ever needed this feature to be improved to enhance your workflow?

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