How to Complete the Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Lindsay Robertson / 27 Oct 2021

How to Complete the Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go image

Pokémon Go rolled out a Halloween update, which includes two new Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist Pokémon. The second part of the event is called “Ghoulish Pals” and allows players to complete the collection task that asks them to capture Pumpkaboo in different sizes. Both Pokémon look like pumpkins and have unique visual effects depending on their size, which is the canon for main Pokémon games. Let’s see what you can do to get these new Pokémon variations.

Challenge and Pokemon Size Comparisons

The Pokémon Go developers decided to add some exciting content to celebrate Halloween, so from October 22 to 31, a challenge is available for all players. In this challenge, you have to catch a pumpkin companion of four different sizes. After that, the player will receive five rare сandies. It will take some time and patience to catch these new Pokémon companions.

In the wild, they should appear quite often, but each size will have a different rarity. These Pokémon can only appear during Halloween. If you want to speed up the process, you can participate in the one-star raid and find rare sizes faster. Of all the sizes, the most common are Small and Average Pumpkaboo. The rarer Large and Super Size ones require more luck to find them. You can speed up the process of finding and catching Pokémon with the special baits and incense. Notably, these visual features do not affect the base stats of the Pokémon.

How to Get Gourgeist 

To get the evolved Gourgeist from Pumpkaboo, players can use the trade evolution mechanic and avoid paying 200 Pumpkaboo candies. With this mechanic, you can get a Pumpkaboo Pokémon from another player. Otherwise, you will have to collect the required amount of candy yourself. 

The game provides many ways to get candy, so don’t worry if no one can trade you Pokémon. What do you think about this update? Feel free to leave your comments below, and don’t forget to share the article if you liked it!

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