GTA 5 for PS5 Might be Delayed

Lindsay Robertson / 17 Jan 2022

GTA 5 for PS5 Might be Delayed image

A recent report by a trusted data miner from Brazil, Matheusvictorbr, says that the upcoming GTA 5 enhanced version for the next-gen PS5 console can be delayed for up to 2 months from the initial release date, March 2022.

Not Official. Yet

According to Rockstar official portal, the enhanced version of the game is scheduled for March 2022, but the rumors say that the development process appeared to be more challenging than expected, which can lead to a delay. If the rumor appears to be true, we will soon see a message from Rockstar that the game comes out in April or May 2022. Hopefully, the company publishes an official article on the matter on its website. This has already happened with GTA Online, Red Dead Online, and the recently remastered trilogy. If the company doesn’t announce the final release date for the game soon, it would mean that the delay is more than likely to happen.

What’s New?

The official trailer of the enhanced version didn’t disclose a lot and teased only a few facts, including faster character transitions, enhanced gameplay quality, and, of course, better visuals. The most exciting point in the trailer is the works “and many more.” It looks like Rockstar has a lot to offer or doesn’t have a lot of content and simply tries to attract more players by sharing vague announcements. It’s quite clear that the game won’t look as great as the modded PC versions, but we expect better textures and more natural lighting.

Worth Waiting?

Releasing one more version of GTA V already starts to look like a taunt from Rockstar. When will we see GTA 6, after all? Is it even in development? Hopefully, the price of the enhanced version for new consoles won’t be as high as for the remastered trilogy and the update will offer enough benefits. What do you expect from the update? Let’s discuss it in the comments and don’t forget to share the news with other GTA fans.

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