Google Is Shutting Down ‘Currents’ Made Available in 2019

Shari Lynn Kramer / 11 Feb 2022

Google Is Shutting Down ‘Currents’ Made Available in 2019 image

The Currents software was developed for G Suite to facilitate internal enterprise communication, allowing everyone to keep in touch and enabling leaders to interact with their employees. However, since Spaces are now available, Currents were made somewhat redundant, which prompted Google’s decision to shut it down.

In 2023 the rest of the features that were present in Currents will be transferred over to Spaces, allowing everyone to collaborate much more effectively. These features include improved support of large communities, content moderation tools, improved advanced search, and improved communication between colleagues and their leaders.

Google is planning to release a timeline that will provide companies who use Currents with more information. Admittedly, the number of such companies is rather small, since Spaces provide all of the features of Currents but enables easy use of Gmail, Meet, Calendar, and Drive. This lack of integration is the main reason why Currents wasn’t able to gain much popularity.

At the moment, Currents is the only remnant of Google’s failed attempt to create a social network called Google+, which was shut down on April 2, 2019, for both personal and brand use. Users of Currents are encouraged to use Google Chat as their communication software, which allows teams to send direct and group messages.

At first, Google Chat was only available to Google Workspace customers only. However, after 2021, when Hangouts were officially shut down, Google Chat was made available to consumers for free.

Do you like the closer integration that Spaces has with other Google services? Does your company use Google Workspace or some other software for communication? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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