Final Fantasy Enters Battle Royale World

Zachary Kandell / 03 Dec 2021

Final Fantasy Enters Battle Royale World image

Nobody expected it, but the famous and expansive mode of battle royale comes to Final Fantasy. The game will add even more content to an already interesting and complex world of the Square Enix franchise.

In Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier, you acquire the role of a young recruit, who wants to become the first Soldier – a secret and powerful army warrior. This part throws us back 30 years ago when the Shinra Corp’s military was only forming.

You play on a massive world-map of Midgar against other soldiers and dangerous beasts, that you stumble upon your way. The recruiters can find guns of different sorts like sniper rifles or handguns, materia, rare summoning spells, and potions.

First Soldier also allows you to pick a job role. It will give you a set of specific abilities and a melee weapon. You can be a warrior, monk, ninja, or sorcerer. Each class has its own advantages, which makes the gameplay more diverse. Gladly, there is a well-established balance to all of the jobs.

We recommend you to play First Soldier with a gamepad, as some of the controls still need some additional touching up. The melee attacks sometimes are messy and hard to aim at your enemies. Fortunately, with time new updates and modifications will deal with these problems.

As it is a battle royale game, different season passes will offer you skins, emotes, and banners. Some of the rewards you can get for free from passing a certain rank while fighting other soldiers. You can level up your job roles separately, which enables you new attacks and abilities.

For the old fans of Final Fantasy, there is a Chocobo mini-game, hidden inside First Soldier, and you will be able to ride the famous steed once again in the heat of the battle. We will see how Square Enix decides to diversify the game, maybe more levels, events, and weapons will be added.

Are you excited about this game? What do you expect from its gameplay? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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