Facebook Keeps Workplace App to Itself

Shari Lynn Kramer / 26 Jan 2022

Facebook Keeps Workplace App to Itself image

It looks like Facebook, which is now Meta, changed its mind about Workplace. Originally, the social media giant was not so radical about the app. Many companies wanted to buy the Workplace app and make it an independent company worth over $1 billion. Facebook declined the offer.

Workplace is the business tool from Facebook that provides access to over 7 million different enterprises. This app was originally made to provide communication between employees. It was an extended option provided by Facebook for Facebook users. According to the trustable sources, investors proposed Facebook buy the Workplace app. They have estimated the Workplace at $1 billion. Yet, the new Meta Company decided to decline the offer and keep the Workplace as the important inner asset.

It was created as a competitor for Slack and other business chat apps. Co-workers could use the Workplace to stay connected to each other. While it is still not as popular on the market as Slack, the app continues to grow the audience. It is widely used around the world by huge companies like Booking, Danone, Starbucks, YES Bank from India, Oxfam, and even Singapore’s Government Technology Agency.

Facebook has collaborated with Microsoft to integrate the Teams video chat with Workplace, so users could enter their favorite app without paying extra costs. The integration allows users to receive the content on Workplace via Teams. They don’t have to enter both apps to use them. Recently Facebook announced they will integrate the app with WhatsApp allowing users to share content with each other. Social network officials confirmed that they want to strengthen positions of the Workplace on the market, allowing teams to stay connected to each other during pandemics. They are increasing opportunities for Workplace users.

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