Destiny 2 Players Express Frustration Over Ongoing Server Issues

Shari Lynn Kramer / 28 Jun 2023

Destiny 2 Players Express Frustration Over Ongoing Server Issues image

Season of the Deep in Destiny 2 has been plagued with server problems, causing significant frustration among its players. Many have taken to online platforms to express their disappointment and the impact these issues have had on their game progression. As the season draws to a close, the community is eagerly awaiting Bungie's response and any potential patches to address the ongoing problems.

Players have reported that the server outages during weekends have hampered their progress on season passes and acquiring weekly gear. One comment states, "This is the first time since Season of Dawn that I’m not 100 ranks in the season passes already. Bungie has made me too apathetic to play anymore." The sentiment seems to be shared across various forums, with many players feeling disheartened and discouraged from playing further.

The frustration isn't limited to players; content creators like KackisHD have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the issues faced this season. Some speculate that the development of Marathon, another game by Bungie, could be affecting Destiny 2's upkeep. However, no concrete evidence supports this theory. Despite featuring a checkpoint system for lengthy activities like raids or dungeons, Destiny 2 also offers challenges that require players to complete certain tasks in a single run, which is particularly difficult with ongoing server issues.

As the weekly reset approaches, Destiny 2 players are anticipating the season's final story missions, along with hopes of Bungie addressing the server problems. The game's community is eagerly waiting to see if any patches will be released to improve the overall gaming experience and resolve the server issues that have plagued this season.

In conclusion, the server issues in Destiny 2's Season of the Deep have left players and content creators frustrated and disheartened. While there is no evidence linking these problems to Marathon's development, the community remains hopeful that Bungie will provide a solution in the form of patches or updates. As the season comes to an end, all eyes are on the weekly reset and Bungie's actions to improve the gaming experience for their dedicated players.

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