Deciphering Instagram’s Latest Potential Feature: The “Meta Verified” Feed Filter

Zachary Kandell / 13 Aug 2023

Deciphering Instagram’s Latest Potential Feature: The “Meta Verified” Feed Filter image

Behind the glossy facade of Instagram, an intriguing puzzle continues to unfold. A recent probe into Instagram's code unfolded a new concept for a 'Meta Verified' feed filter. This revelation was brought to light by a reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi, who uncovered this facet in both iOS and Android versions of the popular social media app. However, the company has openly denied testing or using this feature.

The 'Meta Verified' filter was found embedded within the Instagram system, lurking between chronological Following and Favorites streams. The Meta corporation dismissed the discovery but declined any further comment about the feature's development or initial consideration for application. These hidden plans have sparked new debates and predictions among users and tech enthusiasts about the future interface of Instagram.

A closer look at 'Meta Verified' uncovers a possible tryst by Instagram to create a special platform for Verified creators. This move, if indeed part of Instagram's strategic model, could prove to be beneficial. A separate domain for verified users might lead to better content exposure, with advantages like heightened visibility and focused audience engagement. The potential implications reveal an evolutionary step that could change the dynamics of Instagram's content interaction.

The outline of Meta Verified appears noticeably similar to Twitter’s monetization strategy for active creators, known as Twitter Blue. This symbiotic resemblance indicates Instagram’s plan to glean successful elements from its rivals to perfect its platform. The new feature would also augment the benefits of the verification process, such as proactive impersonation protection, inclusive perks, exclusive features, and more.

In the tech sphere, the line between rumor and reality often blurs. While the prospect of a 'Meta Verified' feed filter sparks intrigue, Instagram fervently denies active testing. The scenario remains shrouded in mystery yet holds immense potential. With Instagram consistently leveling up its game, followers remain intrigued about the upcoming novelties the platform will offer to enhance user experience and engagement.

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