Court Restricts Access to Roblox for YouTuber

Shari Lynn Kramer / 24 Jan 2022

Court Restricts Access to Roblox for YouTuber image

Court decided to forbid Roblox from YouTuber Ruben Sim. He is accused of a cyber mob that he led on the platform. The ban will last for several years and will prevent the player from entering any of the games on the Roblox.

California court in Oakland ordered Ruben Sim, YouTube content creator, to leave the Roblox platform. The lawsuit was filed by Roblox in November. The company accused Sim of terrorizing the whole platform by starting a “cybermob.” Originally, the company wanted $1.6 million for damages that were done, but after some time the sum was decreased to $150 000. This amount was later agreed upon by both sides in the court.

This is not the first time Roblox was troubled with Sim's behavior. Since Roblox is a free platform, everyone can easily create a new account after the first one is banned. Yet, for some unique cases, Roblox bans even IP addresses. To avoid this restriction, Sim continued to use other players’ accounts, hacking them. The original ban was provided to Sim after reported cases of harassment. Players complained that YouTubers used racist and homophobic insults, apart from sexual harassment. He also uploaded Adolph Hitler’s photos on the platform. Sim continues to deny his fault in the last videos he released on YouTube.

Court decided to ban the player from the platform and ordered him to pay fines. Apart from that, Sim can’t publish or make any threats to Roblox and anything related to the platform. Previously, YouTube has already announced the upcoming terrorist attack on Roblox that could have happened last October, during Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco. Because of it, the conference was delayed. Sim also promised not to make threats to Roblox employees, offices, or players.

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